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We are pleased to offer service our experience and knowledge in the sector with the Parktime brand. Our company aims to colourize life with its designs that leave an impact on children's spiritual development. In our products, we synthesize the aesthetic applications and architectural perspective of our deep-rooted civilization with today's industrial applications.

Parktime manufactures within the framework of the standards required by the quality certificates (TÜV, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) that are valid in the international market.

Parktime About Us

It is one of our priorities in the production process that all materials selected during the production stage comply with the European EN 1176 standards, each material from raw material selection to paint chemicals does not harm human health and has a high quality in terms of safety and durability. Our products are produced with polyethylene, which is child-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Openness, Transparency and Honesty are our main features that build trust that our customers feel us. We are aware of the need to protect this in all our business and services ...

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